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Your team

Jean-François Boivin

jean-francois boivin

B.B.A., CIM, FCSI Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager and Vice-President

Founder, he successfully managed through the different economic contexts over the past 18 years.

Pierre-Luc Laberge planificateur financier

Daniel Gilbert

CPA, CA Investment Associate

He brings over 35 years of experience in taxation as Accountant and Chief Financial Officer for major private companies. This makes a perfect complement for Fortune & Wealth Group Boivin Laberge and its clientele.

Photo Senior Investment Associate
Nathalie Hamel B.B.A. Senior Investment Associate

Group member almost since its beginnings, she is the associates’ leader and is responsible for the efficient operation of the customer service, the management and the portfolio transactions.

Guylaine Camiot Assitant
Guylaine Camiot Associate  

Responsible for the management of agendas, administrative support of account openings and updates. She has been working for National Bank Financial for more than 25 years.


Our services and approach

« Our experienced and passionated team will support you to put in place the best solutions in order to protect and enhance your wealth. »

What we daily do for you

Wealth Management

  • Determine which income you can afford on your retirement
  • Determine from which accounts to withdraw your retirement income
  • Establish your customized strategies for your tax reductions
  • Secure your wealth and your heirs
  • Advice on your significant expenditure (property, boat, car, family)
  • Create a team with your specialists (accountant, banker, insurer…)
  • Provide multi-generational advice to you and your loved ones
  • Meet with you annually to update your plan

Portfolio Management

  • Built your portfolio according to the identified needs
  • Follow the economy and the markets for you
  • Follow your risk-control strategies
  • Follow and compare your portfolio performance
  • Follow and compare your portfolio performance
  • Consider your income and accumulation needs in your portfolio
  • Keep you informed of our strategies
  • Meet with you annually regarding your portfolio

Research and Analysis

  • Look for the best opportunities available
  • Establish economical, political and social researches
  • Analyse the risk reward ratio of your portfolios
  • Plan the transactions of your portofolios
  • Conduct an analysis of your securities
  • Participate to conference calls and annual meetings
  • Analyse government budgets and fiscal and regulatory changes
  • Keep abreast of trends at all levels

Administration and Organization

  • Safety and custody of securities (NBF)
  • Transaction monitoring (NBF compliance)
  • Schedule and prepare periodic meetings
  • Ensure that your information on records are kept up-to-date
  • Manage your movement of funds (deposits / withdrawals / currency exchange)
  • Write the quaterly communications
  • Provide statements, customized reports and Web access
  • Provide your tax forms and relevant accounting reports

Clientele and territories mainly covered in Quebec

carte territoires desservis services financiers

Process in 3 easy steps

Determine your goal and priorities

L'équipe boivin  fonctionne en 3 étapes et couvre les sujets : revenus, rendements, portefeuille et fiscalité
  • Revenus and returns
  • Liquidity requirements
  • Portfolio
  • Taxation

Plan and implementation

comment planifier la retraite
  • Retirement projection
  • Investment policy
  • Opening of accounts
  • Portfolio monitoring

Two annual meetings

comment investir à la bourse et gérer votre portefeuille de placements
  • Wealth Management
  • Portfolio Management

Our vision

A mutual and reciprocal transparency provides the foundation of a successful business relationship.

Manage not only your investment risks, but also your global risk with an overall vision of your financial life.

To achieve concrete results, we act promptly and with rigour when required, both to have excellent opportunities benefit our clients and temporarily protect their assets.

Build a financial team with your family will enable you to obtain better tax savings and solidify your wealth.

Gathering assets allows us to optimize diversification, taxation and economies of scale.

What you get with us...

Priviledged access to portfolio protection and income strategies mainly accessible to the big market players, due to our private management model.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in listening, understanding our customers’ needs and targeting the best tax and financial strategies. This path allows you to benefit from the best advice and be reassured as to the future.

Save significant sums due to our business model which reduces the number of intermediaries and takes into consideration all of your family assets.

Knowing with certainty that your assets are held by a trusted financial institution with a human, transparent and independant approach, which is the National Bank Financial.

Our success

  • Winner of the Private Portfolio Award of the Year (2014) National Bank Financial (Canada).
  • Nominations Best Growth of Assets (2014) and Excellent Wealth Management (2012).
  • Holder FCSI the ultimate professional title in financial services in Canada.
Our private portolios
  • WORLD LEADER 18.94 %
*Annualized gross return at December 31st 2017 on 5 years

Customer testimonials

« We would like to thank the Jean-François Boivin team for their authenticity and listening to meet our needs. Your dynamism to find solutions and our periodic meetings helped us manage our disbursements and reassured us concerning our retirement ».

Thérèse Hudon and Laurent Briand, ing.
(Clients since 2010)

« We were looking for a dynamic and honest team that could listen to us and the Jean-François Boivin team came to us with tailored solutions to meet our needs ».

Bérangère Lavoie and Alain Fortin, FCPA
(Clients since 2003)

« We are pleased to have developed a business relationship with the Jean-François Boivin team that enables us to meet our investment goals, which is to obtain an attractive return and maintain a high degree of flexibility. The Jean-François Boivin team met our expectations ».

Laurent Trépanier and Phillippe Trépanier inc.
(Clients since 2009)
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Winner of the Private Porfolio Award of the Year 2014
To recognise the portfolio managers that have been
the most successful in the management of their portfolio.